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A  kurta with gutta and crochet lace detailing, embroidery on the front panel and detailed sleeves. An extraordinary classic piece for your collection...
PKR 35,000 PKR 45,000
Long paneled shirt with embroidered neckline and daman...
PKR 20,000 PKR 25,000
Straight bohemian style kurta with floral embroidery..
PKR 18,000 PKR 24,500
Boho style straight long screen print kurta detailed with fabrication and cuff sleeves. Neck lacing and sherwani collar...
PKR 7,000 PKR 14,000
Pure 80 gram raw silk kurta with hand embroidered neckline and detailed cuff with pleats and cut dana...
PKR 20,000 PKR 40,000
Long straight cotton net shirt with borders on daman and sleeves and motif embroidery, detailed on neck with lacing and fabric box and pearls...
PKR 10,000 PKR 20,000
Flair kurta with petal applique on the front and lace finishing..
PKR 12,500 PKR 25,000
Asymmetrical shirt with detailed neck patti and embroidered on the front...
PKR 15,000 PKR 30,000
Ivory cotton net and organza detailed shirt with pleated neckline and hand embroidered motif on the daman and detailed sleeves...
PKR 11,000 PKR 22,000
Gold tissue kurta heavily embroidered front..
PKR 42,500 PKR 85,000
Black net kurta with heavy embroidery in gold sequins beads and cut dana. Includes camisole..
PKR 22,500 PKR 45,000
Pure karandi kurta with hand embroidered neckline chaak and back...
PKR 15,000 PKR 30,000
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